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Northern lights over Iceland

Spotlight Destination:
Transatlantic voyage from England to Iceland, Newfoundland, New York

Sailing from the Shetland Islands to Iceland, we saw exactly what we were hoping to see. After crossing the Arctic Circle, we gazed upon the Northern Lights from the port side of our ship. Pale green waves of light danced up and down in the night sky. No picture can adequately capture the feeling of witnessing this natural light show from the deck of a luxurious cruise ship floating in the cool, sea breeze, though this picture comes close. Read about this epic cruise destination…

Breathtaking Bermuda

The most pristine coral reefs in the world set the stage for world-class snorkeling in the Bermuda Islands. Just float on the surface while brightly colored fish gently swim about the reef among lobsters, sea turtles and more. This is a dazzling display you’ll never experience in a doctor’s office fishtank. Twenty-nine protected marine areas also offer some of the most dramatic, high-visibility diving areas in the world. Read on to learn twenty ways to enjoy breathtaking Bermuda!

Romain Colosseum, ItalyExplore Italy
Cruising into Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius casts a shadow over the ruined city yet seems as calm and quiet as any ordinary mountain. Touring the remains of the city and its people frozen in time, it felt as if we were extras in a History or Discovery Channel episode chronicling the eruption that covered Pompeii in volcanic ash. Archeological digs continue to progress today. Italy is one of many spotlight destinations that our vacation experts can assist you in planning.


How to Choose Your Cruise Cabin – Quick Guide
One of the questions we’re often asked at Diamond Cruise & Travel is how to choose your cruise ship cabin. Fold out the literature from any of the major cruise lines and you’ll see hundreds of little rectangles set on four or five different decks, all in different colors. Before you simply choose the lowest or highest priced cabin, it helps to learn what makes one cabin better than another, or, what makes one priced higher or lower than another. Read on to learn about the choices typical of today’s large cruise ships.


Vacation Lay-Away
Good news for vacationers who travel on a budget! Diamond’s Vacation Lay-Away Program cuts your fares into small installments, spread out over a span of more than a year if needed.


weddingWeddings & Honeymoons
Destination weddings at Palace Resorts promise your every wish indulged. The most important day of your life calls for a picture-perfect setting — and perfect planning. And Diamond’s Honeymoon Registry is the perfect solution for the couple who has everything. Learn more about this free service for Diamond Cruise & Travel clients.


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